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The Beauty of Custom Barn Homes

Custom Barn Homes

The words “barn” and “luxury” don’t often go together, but this isn’t the case when it comes to barn homes. Also known as “bardominiums” or “barndos,” barn homes combine the utility of a barn with the modern comforts of home. The featured infographic highlights the Newnan Barn Home designed by DC Building. The images provide a tour of the elegant …

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If British Tennis was a Football Team

To explore the depth of 6 nations tennis, this infographic takes the top 11 male and female tennis players from 6 European countries and displays them as squads similar to those in football. To determine the strength of the squads we look at the combined rankings of the 11-person squads (provided by the ATP World Tour and WTA Tennis websites …

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Top Secret: Christmas To Do List

The impact of latest technology, social media and websites on Santa – That’s exactly how everyone used to plan these days, and even Santa has no exception while getting ready for his trip to greet the little children this Christmas – Elf just gave Santa a brilliant idea to use the tech gadgets – Now Santa can search for kids …

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Why You Need SEO for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization

Having the perfect website is of little value if no one can find your website in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…It Gives You the Leading Edge! Visit www.redspotdesign.com and get SEO services for your website.

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D.I.Y. How to Unclog Drains

Our DIY infographic offers a solution to a very common household problem of clogged drains. In this infographic we give our tips on how you can effectively and cost efficiently unclog your drains. While many people would rush to call a plumber for this issue, there are simple solutions and procedures that you as a homeowner can take to try …

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72 myths about cars and Engines

Owning a car is not difficult you but when you have one, it comes with responsibilities and liabilities on its drivers to look after it. Usually, new drivers become victims of driving myths like your car warranty will become void if you undertake any kind of maintenance work within the warranty period. But it is a myth and not true, …

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Acana vs Orijen – Pet Food Comparison Infographic

Acana and Orijen are two of the most popular and respected pet food brands available but as they are both manufactured by Champion Petfoods you may be wondering what are the differences between the brands. In this Acana vs Orijen infographic produced by KutyaJatek.com we compare the makeup of both pet foods in an easy to understand format to help …

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