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Resume Checklist 2016


Have you ever been rejected when you sent your resume for any kind of job? Sometimes people even don\’t know how to write proper resume that will make a positive impression. To do that you must follow minimum requirements that are very important. So you can check this infographic we prepared for you to be sure, that your resume is …

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The Painful Truth about Shingles

Painful Truth About Shingles

Just when you  thought you’re over something, out of nowhere, it goes back to haunt you. That’s what shingles are for those who have suffered from it. If you thought you become resilient to any related disease once you had chickenpox, you thought wrong, because you can be 1 out the 5 people who are at risk of getting one …

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World Wide Tourism: Some Best Places worth Visiting

World Wide Tourism

There are many fascinating places worth visiting all around the world. But there are few aspects which every individual whether travelling in group or other has to consider i.e. safety. Safety and good food are two most pivotal factors that one must look before booking in for any trip. After that, the later aspects like stay and expenses can be …

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Discover the Beauty of Kerala with Kerala Tourism!

Beauty of Kerala

Kerala is an elegant and attractive city which is located on the coast of Arabian Sea. The admirable places of this south Indian state are backwaters and undying falls. Various small backwaters, lakes, rivers, mysterious wildlife, thriving hill stations, vibrant honeymoon destinations, lively spice and tea plantations, make it a supreme tourist destination all over the globe. Apart from the …

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The Must See Destinations of Kerala Tourism

Kerala Tourism

Are you exploring an incredible place to spend your vacations? Do you really like to visit a state which remains out of the ordinary? If that is the case with you, you should select something like Kerala tourism. The prettiness of Kerala has no comparison. You cannot simply imagine the beauty and lavishness of Kerala, since it is something that …

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Kerala Tourism – Offers Flawless Experience to Tourist People


Kerala is a well known state for its greenish gardens, inviting tea estates, heavenly surroundings, splendid beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, falls and spices. No one can simply hate visiting Kerala, since that much special and tempting the state is. Kerala is the lively and astonishing state to visit. Kerala is one of the states which follow traditions and cultures. Their …

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Modern Interview Fashion Guide for Women

Modern Interview Fashion

Interviews these days can be tricky. Hard copy resumes are still common and expected to be present during an interview, but digital copies are on the rise. Interactive interviews are also coming into play as opposed to sitting one on one across a conference table. With all of these changes, how are we supposed to dress, style our hair, and …

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Thread Count Doesn’t Matter!

Exploration of Bed Sheets

Higher thread counts are often thought to make for a more comfortable bed and restful night of sleep, however, this isn’t always the case. Research shows thread count only plays a small role in comfort and sleep quality. Higher numbers are more appealing and we’ve been taught to believe we need the very best. But what if the very best …

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Fantasy Sports Takes Mexico By Storm!

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports Industry has been growing not only in North America but in many other parts of the world. Vinfotech as premium fantasy sports application developers have worked on more than 35 fantasy sports project for startups and enterprises across the globe. Referring to a recent report from technavio, we came up with a highly informative info graphics that explains …

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