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Pet Adoption: The Numbers Behind the Need


The facts and figures on pet homelessness are truly startling. The Petfinder Foundation and Orvis are working together to spread awareness on the current need for loving homes for homeless pets. The Petfinder Foundation is a public charity working to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets by aiding shelters and rescues across North America. Orvis is a family-owned retailer based …

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11 Swimming Pool Diseases to Steer Clear Of

Swimming Pool Diseases

Swimming pools remains to be a luxury that most people are going for. A lifetime investment that gives any owner an unparalleled feeling of enjoyment because of the idea of having a vacation within the comforts of your own home. And as the excruciating heat continues to bake us, being in a pool is the best option. However, not all …

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How to Become a Software Engineer in 5 Stages

how to become software engineer

“Interested in a career in software? One of the fastest growing and most popular positions is that of “Software Engineer”. With an average entry level salary of $72,000 a year, and rewarding job responsibilities, it’s no wonder so many are flocking to this field. Don’t have any coding experience or a college degree? Don’t worry! The team at MakerSquare put …

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What are the Types of Asbestos Removalists?

Types of Asbestos Removalists

Are you aware of asbestos? Asbestos, by virtue, is a hazardous material that causes some of the most detrimental diseases of the lung, eg. Mesothelioma. A well-known material in the past, asbestos has been widely used as a construction material because of its resilience. However, it wasn’t until today that the health risk asbestos poses is more serious that we …

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The Push Notification Benchmark for Mobile Apps – 2016 Edition

Benchmark for Mobile Apps

This Infographic from Accengage (the European leader for Push Notifications on Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger) helps Mobile Marketers and CRM Managers evaluate the performance of their Push Notification opt-in rates and reaction rates on iOS and Android, when compared to other players in their respective industry: travel, finance, entertainment, media, e-commerce, etc. On iOS, the average opt-in rate …

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Motorcycle Accidents: Facts you should know

Motorcycle Accidents

Though motorcycles make up just 3% of vehicles on the road, motorcyclists account for 14% of fatal accidents. Motorcycle safety is a big deal, especially here in Antelope Valley. See our infographic below to see just how dangerous motorcycles can be when drivers aren’t careful. It takes all of us paying attention — cars, trucks, and motorcyclists all together — …

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DIY Jobs a Homeowner Should Avoid Doing


The number of people who try to perform DIY projects around the house has increased dramatically in the past few years with the invention of home improvement television. While it is ok to do minor repairs, there are some things that only a professional needs to do. Trying to do your own plumbing repairs will often result in costly water …

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Cageless Workforce

Cageless Workforce

This infographic explores the modern work environment and the emerging mobile worker. A very important aspect to the mobile worker is the definition of a mobile worker. Mobile work doesn’t just refer to people who travel around the country or world doing their jobs. Mobile worker refers to people who have the mobility to do their work in a variety …

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