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State of Corporate Data Security 2015-2016


Annually, tech researchers follow the latest trends and state of data security. The state of data security in companies and organizations is treated by leading research centers and institutes as a necessity in every whitepaper and report. This is primarily due to the fact that this topic is practical for end consumers like us and for the IT companies who …

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Painting and Color Psychology


Most people feel that red is the color of passion. Purple has a reputation for being regal and green evokes feelings of being earth friendly and serene. Color is a powerful motivating factor in when it comes to setting the mood; in the media, on packaging, and even in your home. If color has the ability to influence feelings, when …

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Benefits of Train Travel


Did you know the average motorist spends 3 years of their life driving? What a waste of your time just getting from A to B! East Midlands Trains have created this handy infographic which demonstrates just what you could get up to with that time if you travelled by train instead. For example, on the typical 30 minute commute you …

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How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare?


The growth of wearable technology has been subtle; however, its impact and benefits have been loud. Today, nearly 39.5 million US adults use these profound devices, with these statistics predicted to increase in the coming future. The global healthcare market is predicted to account for $17.8 billion annually from these wearables, which is a reflection of the numerous individuals who …

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Signs of Diabetes in Women


Diabetes affects both men and women, and affects people from a very young age to a very old age. However, there are differences in diabetic outcome when comparing men and women. The rate of death for men with diabetes dropped between 1971 and 2000. However, this was only seen in men. The death rate for diabetic women was not decreased …

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Which London Underground Station has the Most CCTV Cameras


CCTV cameras are installed to help protect and keep crime down. When CCTV cameras have been installed crime has gone down. In London there are thousands of cameras all around this great capital. A place where many of these cameras are located is in the London Underground. This can be also known as The Tube. It was called the Tube …

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Importance of SEO Marketing for Startups


The internet today demands keeping up with the latest developments. It is, of course, impossible for you to all keep up’ with everything the internet has to offer. Nonetheless, if you are an individual who contributes to the mass knowledge on the web, then you ought to put your content out there where everyone will see and want to read. …

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Six Weak Excuses You’ve Been Using to Avoid Marketing


Marketing is the most important tool when it comes to building your own business. We know this takes up a lot of time and is no easy task. In today’s digital world there are so many simple and inexpensive options to market your business online. With all the social media platforms, local listing options, blogging sites, and link building opportunities …

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Why You Should Eliminate Annual Performance Reviews?


Is absence of manager feedback creating disengagement amongst your workforce? Do you want to eliminate ineffective annual performance reviews? But why… What is wrong in traditional once-in-a-year performance assessment? Well, there are multiple reasons why Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies have eliminated annual performance reviews. Unclear employee goals, absence of regular feedbacks and ignorance for employee recognition …

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8 Event Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event


When planning an event, you can NOT miss out on lighting — a really vital part for events — because it can affect the overall outcome. Event planners don’t just utilize lights to brighten up the venue, they see this as an opportunity to make the event memorable. Event lighting plays different roles: from directing your guests’ attention; to further …

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