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How Do You Capture Value From Your Abandoning Visitors?


Studies show that 98% of your visitors leave your website without leaving a single trace. They buy none of your products, they don’t even sign up for your newsletter. Since they don’t engage with your website in any way, there is no reason not to try to convert them into a paying customer or a subscriber to your newsletter with …

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Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users for Your App


If there’s one factor that is equally important as the quality of an app, it’s how its users respond to it. In fact, it’s the better gauge of whether an app can be deemed a success or not Any app that leaves a positive impression, after all, is bound to be beneficial to the reputation of its developer as well …

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The Anatomy of an Effective Executive


Finding a C-Suite executive can be tough since it takes years to develop their resume. But, getting them to come to your company can be tougher because like most hires, they need the proper experience for the job, as well as a personality that fits the company culture. Not only that, but they’re also expected to have the proper social …

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15 Basic Instincts You Were Born To Serve As a Doctor


When you see a doctor, you like to know his or her proper education and the experienced in his speciality area. While medical skills hold an important place, a good part of what makes doctors praiseworthy by others is their soft skills. Soft skills are habits, personal qualities, social abilities and attitudes that make someone succeed in that specific field. …

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10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skill


Writing can be perfect according to the time and new experiences that occur in our life. Now if you want to be a qualitative blogger then it is necessary for you to have proper writing skills in order to avoid making mistakes that can have a bad impression on the reader. Having proper writing skills can make you write impressive …

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10 Medicines To Have at Home


Injury or sickness can strike at any time and it’s important to be prepared by having the correct medicine on hand. Any family has had a couple of health scares or cases where somebody picked up an injury outside whilst playing or doing gardening or gotten a serious case of the flu. In these cases having your medicine cabinet stocked …

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Attention: Michigan Roofers


Warning about uninsured roofing contractors and how to collect workers’ compensation benefits through “statutory employment.” Our law firm has seen an uptick in roofing companies trying to evade their responsibilities under Michigan law. Private employers with 3 or more employees, or at least 1 employee working 35 hours or more per week, must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Directors and officers …

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How To Protect Children From Power Line Hazards


This article includes Nine tips that helps to prevent child electrocution and electric shock injury from utility structures. Also includes how you can teach your kids to stay away from downed power lines Last week, when writing about how many people don’t recognize downed power lines because they can easily be mistaken for utility cables, I discussed the heartbreaking case …

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