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MS Excel – Uses, Corruption & Recovery


Today, MS Excel is used in almost every field such as office, home, corporate office as well as every person using computer/laptop using Microsoft Application MS Excel. Since, there is a rise in the usage of Excel files it is obvious that there would be also rise in the corruption and damage on Excel files that many users out there …

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25 Summer Skincare Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is finally here. Some of us may have plans to go to the beach or get the family together for a relaxing swimming pool party. It is simply the best time to go out and enjoy the sun. However, it is during summer that our skin needs extra care and protection. Too much sun exposure can lead to various …

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Top 50 WordPress Plugins For Every WordPress Site

Top 50 Wordpress Plugins

Those who like to work on WordPress knows how to use it, but what about those who love to use it but they do not have enough information about WordPress tools it will take a lot of time for them to search each plugin and knows what it does. My Web Programmer has put together a helpful infographic listing the …

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Peeping into the Most Stunning Walled Cities Around The World


Back in the old-gold days, emperors used to build fortifications to save themselves from any unwanted intrusions. Those fortifications were at times expanded to such an extent that they had an entire city inside the limits of the walls there. Till date, such walled cities exist, with people residing in them, and attract tourists, historians and avid travelers to get …

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Bestsellers & Interesting Facts on Books

Interesting Facts on Books

Books are a great time to have some fun. It’s opposite from the idea that books are boring. Sometimes reading a novel will dive you in unknown worlds that will blow your mind away, in a good sense. Maybe a drama that you can identify with? Or an adventure that you will enjoy in. Your brain needs ‘workout’. Those tiny …

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6 Cool Places to Take Your Campervan in the UK

Campervan in the UK

When you live in the UK and own a campervan, enjoying small weekend vacations would not be tedious for you. There are plenty of camping sites, scattered across coastline of the UK. Whether you go with friends or family, such vacations are ideal to rejuvenate your sagging spirits. Caolosnacon is one such camping site and you may also think of …

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Simple Space Saving Hacks That You Must Try

Space Saving Hacks

For a majority of people living in cities, finding enough space in their homes to store belongings and evading mess has become an ordeal! Whether you live in a rented place or have bought a small apartment, the hassle is same. As real estate prices surge upwards people are almost forced to buy smaller sized properties and space crunch has …

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Top 5 Cooking Hacks

Top 5 Cooking Hacks

Cooking is fun right? Of course, it is but not all the time especially when you face with simple problems that just don’t go away. Like for example, keeping the salt dry during the rainy season. However, fixing these small things is not rocket science. All you need to have is some basic understanding of some cooking hacks that people …

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How Much Do Software Developers Make in the USA?

Software Developers Make in the USA

Software developers are among the highest-paid professionals on the job market. What should one expect on the first step of a programmer’s career and what are the general perspectives? These are the questions we’ve tried to answer in our research. To answer these questions, we calculated the average software developer incomes in the different US states using salary estimators The …

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20 of the Most Expensive Cities Around the World


This insightful infographic shows how costs vary in cities around the world. It compares the cost of living in some of the world’s most expensive cities–from San Francisco to Hong Kong. You can see a comparison of the total cost of living for a single-person household (more than $4,500 in some cities!) and also see how that money gets spent …

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