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Places to eat and drink on Lake Windermere


The Lake District is teeming with life and fun things to do. From boat trips, water skiing and long, luxurious, hikes atop the various peaks of the park. There really is something for everyone in this newly appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site – awarded to the location for its cultural, literary, and environmental significance. With so much to do, wasting …

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Bali Survivor Board Game


Do you have what it takes to survive a holiday in Bali? Find out by playing the new “”Bali Survivor”” online board game from Fast Cover. The Australian travel insurance company wanted to help educate travelers about the most common risks and dangers in Bali and how to avoid them, but found there was already so many health and safety …

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Will self-driving cars impact law enforcement?


According to our research, absolutely! In the next 5 years, self-driving cars are going to be owned and operated by a large portion of the population. Aside from the obvious luxury of a non-manual, automated vehicle, this new installment on the road brings improvements to numerous safety standards. It is anticipated that the number of fatalities comparing human to self-driving …

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Email Marketing 101: How Much Do You Really Know?

About Email Marketing

Everyone sends emails, but do you ever stop to think how influential email is in the modern world? How about what device or app your emails will be read on? This helpful infographic primer, put together by AnyPromo Inc, should help you get to know the fundamentals of email marketing so that you can apply them to your company’s next …

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Learn how to battle the bugs in your garden

Learn how to battle the bugs in your garden

What are the most annoying pests in your garden? Whether it’s ants or slugs and snails that are bothering you, the latest infographic from play bark retailer, Compost Direct, provides plenty of handy advice for keeping the bugs away from your garden plants. Looking at the top ten garden pests as listed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the graphic offers …

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Top 18 Extraordinary Jobs You May Be Qualified For

Top 18 Extraordinary Jobs

At school, you had lots of ideas of what you wanted to be when you grew up. After all, there was a wide world of opportunity out there. As you sit at your desk today though, it’s easy to feel as though you missed out on something. Maybe there’s a job out there that you’d be perfect at, if only …

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Top 7 Essay Writing Tips for Urgent Results


There will dependably be times when you’re required to compose a paper awkwardly rapidly, regardless of whether on account of a tight due date forced by an instructor, or on the grounds that you’ve been busy to the point that the exposition has wound up being placed off until the last moment. In any case, it is conceivable to deliver …

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10 Eye-Opening Automotive Repair Statistics

Automotive Repair Statistics

There Are Many Different Shops That Are Classified As Auto Repair According to the Small Business Development Center of the University of Georgia, over 175,000 businesses in the United states are classified as mechanical auto repair shops. These include service stations, independently-owned auto repair shops, specialty shops (those dealing only in mufflers, transmissions, engines, brakes, etc.), auto parts stores like …

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Top 5 M Performance Cars of all times

Top 5 M Performance Cars

When you ask someone what is his criteria of buying a new car, the answer you’ll hear most likely is ‘performance’. Modern automakers have taken giant leaps in this regard and have manufactured some of the ultra-powerful cars. Now, what exactly is meant by performance? Car performance is in fact, a totality of engine output, transmission, aerodynamic effect, size of …

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