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Research Misconduct: Why PhD Students should Stay Away from it!

research misconduct entails

This infographic takes a detailed look at what research misconduct entails, how the practice unfolds within research communities and what community stakeholders can do to prevent and apprehend perpetrators and instances of the practice. According to the U.S. National Science Foundation, research misconduct involves fabrication, falsification and plagiarism of research data. Other kinds of research transgressions include impropriety of authorship, …

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What is Glaucoma?


Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve. This leads to loss of vision and even blindness over time. This can be detected through comprehensive eye exam. The people who are more prone to this eye problem are those with diabetes. It may also be inherited and may not show up until later in life. …

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10 Most Common Types of Home Flooring

Types of Home Flooring

Interior design isn’t always an easy task, most especially if you lack the knowledge and skills that will help you get things done correctly. Building your interior design scheme comes with certain considerations and you need to know some basic components, including the types of flooring to choose from. Floorings make up a huge part of any space. Therefore, your …

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How Much Do Smartphones Cost-Statistics And Trends

Smartphones Cost-Statistics And Trends

Almost every mobile user owns a smartphone around the world. The big demand of smartphones has brought many players into the market. By the way did you know how much average selling price of the smartphones? These statistics and trends will be elaborated with the help of infographics created by GO-Gulf Abu Dhabi. The average selling price of the smartphones …

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Protecting Your Eyes from Snowblindness

Protecting Your Eyes from Snowblindness

Snow blindness (or also known as photokeratitis) is a painful eye condition. The main cause of snow blindness is the exposure to ultraviolet light for too long or too often. If you are going skiing or snowboarding, wear snow goggles that are designed to block UV radiation or use equipment that generates intense light and wear whatever safety gear is …

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12 Natural Ingredients to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Normally, people would consider natural beauty products as the better option when it comes to cosmetics. However, you can only make the most of its benefits if they come with natural beauty ingredients that address your concern. Natural isn’t always the better choice, especially if it fails to deliver results that free you from beauty worries. What really matters is …

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Sand: The Permian’s Ticking Time Bomb

Free Frac Sand

What are the costs associated with proppant use, what can we do about them, and what will they look like in the future? Dragon Products has done the research to show what the market looks like now and what it may look like moving into the future. The Permian Basin hydraulic fracturing industry is growing rapidly thanks to the rising …

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10 of the Best Ever Engines Built by Ford

Engines Built by Ford

The Ford Motor Company is an excellent and well-reputed company in the world. It’s an oldest company also. It started its business enthusiastically at 20th century. It created the vehicle when none could imagine to develop. Nowadays, it’s known for Ford. The people love its name Ford whole-heartedly. Ford gave breathes to Automotive industry at its initial stage. It started …

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An Insight Into the Recruitment Pyramid

Recruitment Pyramid

Many companies nowadays are reaching out to recruitment platforms for hiring solutions. The first is the hiring stage which is a three-step process including background checks, assessment of candidate profiles and selection of the talents best suited for the particular job. Next is the interview stage where the shortlisted candidates receive calls from the recruiter to appear for the interview …

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The Importance of Data Entry Service in Business

Data Entry Service in Business

The process of data entry holds a significant position in every business as other official and administrational activities depend vastly on the data entered on a database and on its veracity. That’s why; a data entry service has to be infallible in its application because a single mistake in the data added can bring disastrous outcomes to a business organisation. …

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