Phrases from across the world

ROL Cruise, the UK’s number one independent cruise specialist has released their next infographic titled ‘Phrases from across the world’. Uncover some of the famous sayings and idioms from around the globe and their humorous meanings as well as their origins in the accompanying article. The perfect research for seasoned travellers as well as those looking to head off on their first cruising adventure, get ahead of the game and learn some of these worldly phrases before jumping onboard.
With features from France, Spain, Greece and Russia as well as some other exciting countries, there is an idiom out there for everyone. Find phrases like ‘live like a maggot in bacon’ and ‘to hang noodles on the ears’ included in the infographic as well as plenty of others.
Whether you already love travelling or you are planning your first cruise adventure, make sure you read these fun phrases before heading off on your next trip.
Phrases from across the world
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