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Types of Process Automation for Your Business

How can you differentiate among the various types of process automation? What makes each of them so peculiar, and why? To answer these questions, The Burnie Group developed this overview to companre the four types of process automation, which include automation integrated into core systems, robotic process automation (RPA), electronic workflow and business process management, and desktop automation. To help …

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Guide to Successful Marketing Funnel Automation

If you are just starting out or already working on your business for decades you will agree to one thing! It is so easy to get distracted by shallow daily works, such as sending emails, and most of us spend hours each day just by reading, writing and filtering emails. But in this digital age we are lucky enough to …

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Marketing Automation Evolution

In olden days, it was an arduous task for small businesses to keep an eye on their marketing activities. The method of manually tracking the leads and chasing the targets was pervasive. Later on, when CRM software entered the space, the processes were refined and the businesses gained better traction of lead generation, customer engagement and other marketing initiatives. However, …

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