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The Ultimate Card Payment Processing Guide

Think about the last time you bought something in a shop. You picked up whatever you wanted to buy, walked over to the cashier and let them scan everything through their cash register. When it was time to pay, you plugged your card into the card terminal (and if you didn’t, let’s just imagine you did) and punched in your …

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How To Be Debit Card Safe

Due to the continuous improvement of methods of countering fraud in payment systems, there is a decrease in the amount of fraudulent transactions. Nevertheless, in news reports continue to appear on the serious leaks of personal data in large retail chains and the constant risk of being a victim of Internet fraudsters, you might have an idea: is it worth …

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10 Tips To Prevent Memory Card Error That You Must Know

In this particular infographics I have discussed about 10 tips that you must follow to avoid memory card errors and corruptions. Since, memory card I used in several gadgets like digital cameras/camcorders, mobile devices like phones and tablets, mp3 players, iPods, etc. Since memory card is used in so many gadgets, it is obvious that there are unlimited users of …

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