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How to Detect Hidden Spy App on Your Cell Phone

Do you install apps from unknown sources? Do you have people in your life who has anything to gain by snooping into your life through your cell phone? You may be a potential victim to spyware infection. It takes a few minutes alone with your cell phone to install a tracking software on your phone. Once installed the dangerous spyware …

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Cell Phone Addiction Statistics & Phone Usage Facts

Smartphones and the consumption of information have become incredibly important and addictive in many parts of everyday life. This infographic sent to us by BankMyCell illustrates the cultural shift towards smartphones and personal devices, and how they deliver an endless stream of information which can negatively impact us psychologically. It has also been linked to increased anxiety and stress, a …

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Is Your Kid Having a Cell Phone?

¬†Cell phone is the most convenient way to communicate between parents and kids. It makes it easy for them to reach their kids no matter where they are and to know what they are doing. Kids like this device and they look at it as a way to improve their social life. Making decision on whether to give your children …

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