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Add A Pop Of Color With Wall Arts

People tend to play on the safe side when it comes to interior decoration. Incorporating, heavily the presence of neutral tones, decorating with a minimalist mindset. This is most definitely a beautiful, simple, mature, and reserved way to approach interior decoration. There is always a fear to be bold with the use of colors. If you are into a perfect …

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Color Psychology for Interior Design

Paint colors are among the things that make a home look cheerful, inviting and homey. This is true considering the capacity of colors to stir up mood and tune the aura of a place. For instance, deep and dark colors can easily evoke a gloomy or boring mood inside a room while bright and warm colors look cheerful and fun. …

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Painting and Color Psychology

Most people feel that red is the color of passion. Purple has a reputation for being regal and green evokes feelings of being earth friendly and serene. Color is a powerful motivating factor in when it comes to setting the mood; in the media, on packaging, and even in your home. If color has the ability to influence feelings, when …

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