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How to Eat Like A Local in Rome

Italy is notable for its stunning food and, especially in Rome, you can enjoy the best selection of regional Italian cuisines. The Eternal City offers an enormous assortment of mouth-watering culinary joys, and there are ristorantes, trattorias, and osterias everywhere. In this sense, choosing a dining option can be tricky when you don’t know the city. To help you make …

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Tanning Culture Around the World

For many decades, skin tanning has gone through cycles of popularity and backlash around the world. Different cultural, education and social backgrounds all contribute to an individual’s view on tanning, but we can see an obvious trend of the differing attitudes towards tanning based heavily on cultural influence. An ABC News study revealed that American and European cultures rate tanned faces …

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Work Culture

Do you know precisely what is work culture and how employees are getting affected with poor work culture practices? No, then take a look at the given Infographic highlighted some interesting details on work culture from employees’ perspective. Also, include thought-provoking survey results and names of global organizations that tops in maintaining their work culture. In short, work culture represents …

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