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2016: An Election of Surprises

When you hear the words politics and history, your eyes may automatically want to glaze over. But if anything is true, it’s that both history and politics are filled with unexpected surprises and outcomes. Right now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are squaring off in their campaigns to become the next President of the United States. Each has their own …

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Election 2015 Energy Manifesto Map

There’s only two days left till polling day. It has been a fraught campaign and the election is just far too close to call. There have been sound bites and stunts, even a few selfies along the way. At times it can be tricky to really know what each party is saying on specific issues. At OVO Energy, energy and …

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Retirement, the Election and You

This year’s UK General Election is only of the most talked about in recent history. Many people are still undecided on which political party to vote for, following a changing landscape in British politics and culture over the last 2 decades. My Retirement Options are concerned with ensuring people get the most out of their retirement, financially; and whether you …

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