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The World’s Unspoken Languages

There are several ways to converse without using words. In several areas around the world, particularly those remote locations, whistles, clicks and drums are more effective in communicating among tribes and over great distances. Several click languages are spoken in different communities or tribes in Africa belonging to the Bantu and Cushitic groups. Whistles are used in the La Gomera …

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How to Say Merry Christmas in 100 Different Languages

Christmas is a season that brings people together. It is a religious tradition celebrated by different countries and cultures all over the world. Throughout the years it has not only been celebrated as a religious occasion but also a festivity which businesses have capitalized on. Thousands of merchandise relating to Christmas have been invented to give joy to people all …

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Eurovision 2016 : Languages, Participants and Winners!

Eurovison song contest has become very popular for years. In 2016 it was the first time when Eurovision was broadcasted in USA. This song contest is one of the ways to show your talent for millions. And there are participants that even represent countries away of Europe (for example Australia in 2016). From the beginning this contest collected a lot …

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