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How To Stamp Leather With A Custom Stamp And A Mallet

Whether you want to leave your mark on an exclusive handbag or a pair of traditional moccasins, you can use a custom leather stamp and a mallet to personalize your leather goods. If you are not familiar with branding leather, we’d recommended doing a few practice runs on scraps of leather to feel just how much pressure you have to …

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Fabric or Leather Sofa – Which One to choose!

A living room without best sofa bed feels empty. Sofa plays an important role in decorating your living area. You will find there are fabric and leather sofas in the market. But it is really hard to decide which one to buy. Both fabric and leather sofas have some pros and cons. Based on that you need to consider which …

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How We Use Leather Products Everyday

If you look in your closet right now you will have at least one leather product, a jacket, a pair of shoes, or that nice purse. We are surrounded by leather products. The leather industry is huge and each year continues to grow. Most leather is made into shoes, furniture, or garments. The rest is made into leather car seats …

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