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Things you can do using your smartphone and make money

“If only I had money, I could buy whatever I want!” That’s probably what most jobless youths all over the world are probably thinking in their minds. Well, if you are one of them, you are probably almost giving up, and you are ready to welcome any opportunity that comes your way, even if it involves collecting garbage, as long …

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15 Simple Finance Tips to Manage Your Money in Your 30s

As you reach your 30’s you’ll get through countless transitions. You get to climb the career ladder, get married, build a family or have kids. This means you are also bound to get through a financial roller coaster. Whether you are about to turn 30 or you are halfway towards 40, these 15 financial tips are sure to help you …

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How to Make Money on Instagram

Social media marketing is not just for professional marketers anymore. Now, anyone with good content can begin earning an income for themselves. All you need to do is follow a few key steps to get followers and build a brand. Once you do that, you have a loyal fanbase that is made up of potential customers. While this is simple, …

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