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Protecting Your Eyes from Snowblindness

Snow blindness (or also known as photokeratitis) is a painful eye condition. The main cause of snow blindness is the exposure to ultraviolet light for too long or too often. If you are going skiing or snowboarding, wear snow goggles that are designed to block UV radiation or use equipment that generates intense light and wear whatever safety gear is …

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A fun infographic from Berkeley Build about protecting your house from burglars, Home Alone style. They mapped out Kevin’s original battleplan on the real Home Alone house, so you can see exactly what his did to capture the crafty crooks and how much damage his traps inflicted. If you’re taking a holiday or working away, use this nifty infographic for …

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Protecting Your Hair

Your hair’s health depends on many factors, small and big. You have to be very careful in using different products on your hair. Products like shampoo, conditioner, hair rollers, hair dryers, etc. All these will have an impact on your hair if you don’t use it rightly. You can try the things mentioned in the image for making your hair …

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