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8 Ways to keep your bike safe while touring

Bike touring is a fun way to see the countryside and get some exercise at the same time. You can even take the whole family. Be careful, though. Many touring holidays have been ruined by a pesky thief taking his chance and legging it with a bike that wasn’t his. And let’s face it – without a bike the tour, …

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Top 7 Tips For Using A Gun Safe

When you are looking for somewhere to put your safe make sure you check out the moisture levels. Use a dehumidifier if necessary if moisture levels are too high. You do not need to keep the guns in cases or padded sleeves once they are inside the safe. Even if your safe is fire proof don’t keep it in places …

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Car Ergonomics To Keep You Comfortable and Safe While Driving

Over the past few years desk ergonomics have been all the rage. From standing desks, to lying down desks, everyone seems incredibly concerned all of a sudden about being comfortable and safe in the office. However, what about the other place where you spend a lot of time sitting down? I am talking about your car. Most Americans spend 290 …

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