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The Pooping Business in Singapore

Americans visit their doctors 2.5 million yearly with medical cost running into millions of dollars, and it only affects 2% of the adult population. Although constipation is not a disease, it goes to show that it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. In Singapore, it is no different. According to a local study in the Singapore Medical Journal, …

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Singapore Company Registration Process

Although typically regarded as a country where the processes of incorporating a company are much faster than in most other countries, Singapore too has its rules and regulations concerning company registration. This is why one needs to understand how exactly he or she should plan this process, even before actually making the first steps. The infographic by Rikvin outlines five …

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Why Singapore Math is the Hottest Topic in Education?

With the publication of a front page article on Singapore Math in The New York Times in 2010, the new method became more than just a conversation topic among math teachers. In fact, calling the method ‘new’ might be also misleading, since it is based on decades-long experience of teaching math to students in Singapore. What makes educators so enthusiastic …

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