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How Security Guards Deal with the Threats to Public Safety?

Public safety requirements have grown exponentially in the past few decades. Professional sports, concerts and tourism have brought people from all walks of life together. That’s why it’s important to have qualified security personnel and equally important to recognize the benefits of employing them across various organizations for the primary purpose of maintaining public safety. The concept of safety in …

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Developing Threats in Mobile Phishing

Mobile phishing has become a prominent threat on mobile users nowadays since it disguises alongside with popular social media platform apps that most audiences visit. Basically, mobile phishing is just phishing targeted at mobile device users of an enterprise. According to CSO, phishing is a “well-known and well-understood attack predicated on social engineering,” for instance, an individual may want to …

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Top Cybersecurity Threats of 2016 and How To Avoid Them

The year 2015 can be defined as the year of security breaches. From the Ashley Madison hack to the Anthem breach, these attacks affected millions of people and shook our trust in the data securing capabilities of private companies and the government. It is estimated that the annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion. …

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