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Jeremy Corbyn’s 10-Pledge Blueprint for Transforming Britain

Although public opinion over Jeremy Corbyn’s Westminster bid remains polarised, it’s unmistakable that Labour’s prospective return could wholly reshape Britain come 8th June. YouGov polls suggest that Labour’s 10 pledges appeal to a broad demographic of British voters. They advance a subject that ought to resonate with people in all walks of life: security and kindness (yes, kindness!). They guarantee …

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How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare?

The growth of wearable technology has been subtle; however, its impact and benefits have been loud. Today, nearly 39.5 million US adults use these profound devices, with these statistics predicted to increase in the coming future. The global healthcare market is predicted to account for $17.8 billion annually from these wearables, which is a reflection of the numerous individuals who …

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