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Smoking vs Vaping and Their Effects on the Environment

Ever since vaping has existed, it has been promoted a healthier alternative to smoking. There’s no doubt about the truth in that statement. But for our infographic we wanted to focus on the other negative impact of cigarettes: on the environment. In order to create an environmental feel, we relied on a lot of blue and green in the colour …

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Vaping and Smoking in LGBTQ Community: Can we Understand it all?

The LGBTQ community is a unique topic to talk about, some have come to associate the lifestyle with what they read about or see on television. Stereotypes are a big factor on how the masses perceive the community. Just look at how we portrayed them in movies or articles about an LGBTQ parade; somehow different than normal. All in all, …

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Mig Vapor’s Guide on ‘What is Vaping?’

What is Vaping? What is a vaporizer? How do vaporizers work? Did you ever ask yourself any of those questions? Well, at the beginning you need to know that Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the water vapor produced by a vaporizer or an e-cigarette. So since the vaping culture is becoming more and more popular among the …

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