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College Sports and Social Media

Social media is a significant part of our lives today. Its role has led to an increase in awareness and management of one’s online reputation.

Thought of as public figures and representatives of the school, this can cause their organizations to come under fire if their posts and accounts aren’t up to snuff. This is especially true for college athletes, who serve as public representatives of their schools. About half of all student athletes do not have social media training, which can lead to unfortunate and highly publicized mistakes; mistakes that live on the internet in the form of memes, listicles, and videos. Those, in turn, can cause major headaches for the school and the athlete.

The infographic below, from Ohio University’s Master of Coaching Education program, illustrates the relationship between college sports and social media, and the subsequent impact it has had on coaching and the new rules that the NCAA has enacted.

College Sports and Social Media

Infographic Source: http://onlinemasters.ohio.edu/college-sports-and-social-media/

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