What is Infographic & How it Benefits on Online Marketing

Heard of the color psychology? Well humans are attracted to colors and images impulsively. Bombarding a website with too much of Information will lose you a customer especially in e-commerce businesses. If you really want to make your landing page attractive, you could play a simple trick. Use info graphics! This will retain your customer and prevent him from switching to any other website after considering your stuff boring. Now many people wonder what info graphics are and why they could be so successful.

Infographics are visuals that represent data or information in the most colorful, easy and understandable manner.

Types of Infographics

Type of infographic is basically dependent over the template that is used. Currently, there are nine different types of infographic templates available for us to make good use of in the content marketing. Visual content type is often deciding factor to select this type of template. Let us see each type of template in detail:

  • Statistical Infographic: This is a type of visual content format that is apt and more used for the presentation of the various types of data through the choices data visualization types. Metrics effective communication is the main theme of this type of template in the visual content presentation. Data enriched stories, surveys, business reports, subject matter statistics and many more will be easy to present through this type of infographic.
  • Informational Infographic: Information is very often available in the form of text, but visual content is all about little text and more of images such as JPG, PNG or GIFs (using a GIF compressor).  Here, Informational Infographic type is a best choice for all that comes with the facility to summarize well the text into the easy points with the help of illustrations, iconography, bullets list, images and some more. Here, designing of visual content play a vital role in making your presentation quite compelling.
  • Timeline Infographic: Timeline is always primary focus through this kind of visual content presentation. Very often time line is part and parcel of storytelling and chronological time presentation is a best example here too. Any storytelling with timeline as focus will gain more mileage through this template and it is a great help to present your information in the sequences through it too.
  • Process Infographic: It is very common practice in content marketing to present some of the important processes. This kind of process presentation visually is very much possible and effective with Process Infographic templates. It will allow presenting content in the form of information flow through branching sequences or in the linear approach. For example, you want to present a loan approval process, and then this template will be a best match.
  • Geographic Infographic: Location based information is very often part of our storytelling in our content marketing. There is a special Geographic Template available for making this visual content more appealing and interesting. There are many different types of geographic location impressive presentation available through this template as choropleth mapping, bubble mapping, sankey diagrams and many more.
  • Hierarchical Infographic: It is often required to present data in different types of levels without affecting its hierarchy. Here, Hierarchy Infogrpahic template can serve well to your purpose. This will help you to organize your data with hierarchy and it will be more effective with your audience to understand it flawless too.
  • Interactive Infographic: It is highly imperative to all our presentations to be more interactive with audience. Here, an interactive infographic template comes with the best features to satiate well these needs. This interactive feature will allow the reader to explore the details on the visual content to the further extent successfully.
  • Video & Motion Graphics Infographic: The video & motion graphic infographic is also very well familiar as animated infographic too. The major difference with this template is that the content is not static and everything on the infographic like text, charts, images, illustrations and some more are purely animated. Here, longer duration animation forms are videos. These are nowadays gaining more attention than all other types too.
  • Comparison Infographic: It is very often a great necessity to compare two different items in our storytelling in the content marketing. Comparison infographic template is a best choice for this purpose in your visual content design. This template will allow you highlight your preferences in an impressive manner like similarities, differences and many more.

Infographics  Benefits:

1.Branding Purpose

Infographic as visual content currently leading well in the content marketing field. This kind of practice is very high all over the world too. Businesses are using it as a best medium to satiate well the content needs of the markets and customer base. Here, any business that is looking for branding should make good utilization of this practice.

Mainly, your branding strategy will be more effective through improvising your product visibility and this will be more effective through the visual content nowadays. It is time now to make good use of the infographic for the brand establishment needs and this is suitable for existing and new businesses too. Let us see three important aspects those can help well your business branding through infographic.

  1. Any business that is with determination to establish as a best brand will definitely try to use content marketing strategies to the maximum extent. Here, routine content strategies are no longer your success paths. You should have something innovative and enticing for this purpose. Start using infographics for this purpose that will ensure more readability and scalability for your content from your target user base. The information that is intended to deliver to the markets and user base will be delivered flawless always through visual content than the textual content. Importantly, your existing and prospective user base will pay attention to your information, when it is presented in an interesting manner in the form of text added visuals images.
  2. The content developed for the branding needs require sharing with all your target audiences. Here, social network sites, email marketing and some more are standing as the help. But, the success rate with your sharing will be dependent based on the kind of content you’re using too. People are nowadays keeping away from the lengthy textual content as it takes their time. So, apply some unique approach here through using infographics. This will gain attention to your content that is shared at any of the planned channels whether it is through social or email. Infographics are easy to share at the same time successful in obtaining attention from your target base very quickly than the textual content.
  3. There is a great level of SEO benefit for your content that is created in the form of visual content. The kind of SEO benefit acquired through this approach will help you to reach your branding goals quickly too. Search engines always follow the user base interests without fail. Presently, all popular search engines are aware that users are paying huge attention to infographics. This is resulting into good SEO benefit for your business that is using infographics as their content strategy. This will cater well to your branding needs to the maximum extent too.

2. SEO Rankings

Infographic kind of visual content is nowadays practiced by many online businesses and websites for their content marketing needs. There is a myth that images will not be reasonable help for SEO except the image title tag optimization, but infographics proven this aspect in other way. Perhaps, search engines may not be able to read your images, but user does.

This is resulting into the huge attention from the online audiences towards infographics, which is resulting into the huge UI/UX factor for your SEO. Here, acquired UI/UX SEO factor is more valuable than any other SEO factors those are considered by any search engines. Definitely, visual content of this format is currently a best interest for the netizens and this is definitely a great boost for your SEO rankings too.

There is one more important point intertwined with your infographic practices too. It is common and essential to research in detail on your topic through gathering relevant data. This extensive research and gathered data can be helpful for you in many ways. You can create textual content besides the infographic as well as the same data will be useful to create the best whitepaper too. So, you still have a lot scope to make good use of the research information and data in the various forms apart from the created infographic too.

Very often, complex data enriched topics are hard to explain through words. This kind of issues are always easy to resolve through your infographic. Your infographic with images, charts and some more makes it easy for you to explain complexity in the simple and easiest format for your readers. When things are explained this easily, the kind of engagement you will acquire through your visual content will be enormous. Such acquisition will again result into good UI/UX for your SEO.

Definitely, infographics are the best addition to your current content marketing strategy. It will help well to your SEO besides being more enticing to your target audience too. Also, it is not tough nowadays to create this visual content through utilizing well available online tools, templates and some more. Add this strategy without fail into your SEO and make good use of it for your website or online product or service digital marketing and branding needs.

3. Infographics Has Content Strategy

While infographics always rated as the best content strategy all over the world some of them are failing due to the poor research skills applied on this work. In fact, it is a best content strategy at present through presenting your complex topic with more telling effect using images, graphs, text and some more.

It is quite imperative here to develop this visual content with attentive nature through applying right research on the topic. This type of approach will turn your visual content strategy always more successful and there are some more ways, how you can make it more effective on your task too.

  1. Infographics are almost like your regular content marketing strategy with the added best story telling in it using images and suitable little text intertwined well in it. It is also linkable and shareable in order to cater well for your SEO needs too.
  2. It is very common to apply in-depth research on the topic to gather valuable data and information for the infographic. This kind of valuable data researched and gathered is again useful for you in the creation of whitepapers as well as press releases for your digital marketing needs too.
  3. Infographic content strategy is best help to establish your products or services into a reliable brand online. People found and read your content through this visual format will connect quickly with your business and this will result into extended visibility as well as added branding strategy for your business too.
  4. Statistics always play a vital role in establishing reliability for your content, but regular textual content fails to present this statistical data in an easy to understand manner for the reader. If this kind of complex statistical data presented in visual content, then it is easy to present on your infographic with the help of bar charts, pie charts, graphs and many more. This will establish good trust and relationship between you and readers those are your prospective and existing customer base.
  5. Creation of visual content is nowadays not costly affair unlike earlier through the availability of free and paid templates and tools online those are designed in a way to create effective and quick infographics on any topic of your interest.
  6. ROI is always an important aspect to be given more concern on any of your content marketing strategy. Now, this visual content strategy is proving as effective ROI over the regular textual content marketing strategy too.

4. Engaging Content – Social Media Marketing

It is a very well-known fact that visual content is always a successful strategy to attain huge engagement at the various social media networks. Here, Facebook Timeline of brands with the best videos, images and infographics are the best example in this context too. It is proven that 65% above engagement increase can be witnessed with visual content over social media networks.

Daily, many people from all parts of the world share very valuable content at social in the form of articles, blogs, tutorials and some more. Here, make out something different from all others does. Perhaps, infographics are the best choice here for all too.

Links sharing for the textual based content is at present old school and it is not enough to engage well your audience at present too. Your target readers at social are looking for something innovative and different than the past. Many readers are totally ignoring the textual content as they find it monotonous and time taking to follow.

Here, a visual presentation in the form of infographic can gain attention from such for sure. It is definitely not a big deal and you can achieve this task through repurposing your blog content too. Add some of the related or little interesting images to present your blog content over it. This can bring desired change with your readers. Let us try it in step by step manner:

  1. Select a banner in the form of one block graphic for your blog content and customize it to the requirement like size and some more.
  2. Select a suitable template that can match well to your blog content. Make it sure that this template got in it suitable color palette and elements.
  3. Now customize your banner and template according to the requirement. Also, use your blog content at the certain places in a way the story telling can flow smoothly.
  4. Make it sure that your extra layer of text will stand out with telling effect through complementing well your template.
  5. Add some more visual elements those are with you in the form of images and photos and relating well to the context. Also, do not overdo it too.
  6. Now, save the total project as an image and it will be ready for you to share at the various social networking sites.

5.For Digital Marketing

Content is always an important integral part of the digital marketing strategy. It is hard to embark success online without the help of the content and right content marketing strategies. Content for this purpose is seen developing in two forms as textual and visual.

Here, visual content is developed nowadays as videos, graphics, PPTs and some more. Videos are always costly affair while PPTs require special kind of approach to deliver them appropriately. In the graphical content approach, infographics are nowadays leading a head all over the world. These are gaining huge attention from the online community and standing as a best content creation approach for the successful digital marketing needs.

Textual content usage is there since ages. Nowadays, if you see the available content online, then it is significantly witnessed that the same content replicated in many forms.  Very often, we see copied content too. Online readers are fed up with this kind of routine content that is available for their needs.

Infographics resulted as the best answer here and online community too appreciating them to the great extent too. These are totally unique and completely away from the routine content strategies. This will keep your website as special than all others and you can give good competition to your competitors with the help of this kind of content creation strategy too.

Infographics are definitely little tough to create, when compared with the textual content creation. But, this will keep your content strategy user friendly as well as search engine friendly too. It will keep your engagement at high besides earning good search engine page rankings too.

It is time now to alter and improve your content strategy keeping in mind the changing trends and changing interests of your user base. These will be easy to create down the line while beginning may be felt as little tough. Also, these are easy to share on your social media networks unlike the textual content too. Gain good attention and good business through this novice content creation strategy and be a pioneer in your field above all others.