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Places to publish your infographics!

Normally, Infographics are created by designers or infographic agencies. If you have measurable knowledge on Photoshop, you could easily create on your own or else you could do it by using some online infographic tools which are provided by the major infographic websites, i.e., infogr.am, piktochart.com, visual.ly, easel.ly, etc…..

Once you had done with creating infographic, the first question comes to your mind is that “where to publish our infographic?” Hope I am right, the ideal answer would be, publish on your own website or blog. (Normally infographic creators would do this). Now it’s live in your website or blog and easily reachable to users. Feels happy!

Now you are thinking to promote your infographic that would help to reach more audiences and also to get backlinks for your website or blog, that may be benefit for your SERP rankings. Now Google it “Where to publish infographic“Best infographic publishing websites” “submit infographic” etc… you can find list of infographic websites that will publish your infographic for free and paid options. You can choose them according to your infographic relevance and niche.  Here are few such places where you can publish your infographic for free, which I have collected from online.

  • Visually is a best place to share your infographic. It is currently holding PR 7 and provides with do follow backlinks.
  • Reddit is also a good place for keeping your infographics to obtain more visibility. This is with PR 4, but comes with No Follow backlinks.
  • http://www.coolinfographics.com : Free  Infographic submission site, lists only best infographics.
  • Infographics Showcase is another best place for your visual content sharing needs. This site is with PR5 and gives do follow backlinks.
  • Submit Infographics is another place to keep into display of your visual content. This site is with PR4 and offering do follow backlinks.
  • Infographix directory is one more available place online to share your content. This is currently with PR3 and comes with the do follow links.
  • http://www.infographicpost.com/ Posts only best infographics from the web. Free and paid option are available. Paid listing for $20 will be pushed to the front of there listing queue, reviewed, and posted live within 2 business days per the submission rules below.
  • http://infographicdatabase.com Only accepts paid submissions. $20
  • http://www.visulattic.com/ Curates the best inforamation graphics or visual data. Accepts free submissions.
  • http://www.infographicsrace.com Both free and paid option available and infogrphics are published with in 24 hrs. For paid option you should contact the webmaster.
  • Revuwire: Previously known as infographicsonline.com, is one of the oldest infographic submission websites around. Previous they used to charge for infogrpahic submission, but now they are doing it for free.

Infographic Submission Tips

It is important for you to follow certain guidelines mentioned by these sites otherwise your content will not be published here. Make it sure to exercise better care about your infographic title in a way your original infographic at your own site will not be affected. You should create a unique description for your infographic while submitting at these directories while copied descriptions will end up as failure for the submission. It is quite important for you to follow and understand each and every condition of the directory for publishing your content. These directories are imposing stringent regulations as submission numbers are growing day by day. Definitely, publishing your infographic at the various directories is a good idea, but it is possible only when you can follow their guidelines properly. Try these channels once in a while in order to get control on their practices and guidelines.

If you own similar infographic website and want to add in the above list, Please consider sending your infographic details to infographicportal@gmail.com. Hope the above infographic web list will helped you to  share your infographics.


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