Evolution of the Legendary BMW 3 Series

Evolution of the BMW 3 Series

BMW has manufactured hundreds of models in the past 100 years but the list of legends and evergreen models is very short. The stand out model for BMW over the years has been the 3 Series, the king of executive saloons. BMW 3 Series was initially launched as a luxury car but it soon became the class leading saloon and …

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Best Horse Racing Betting Sites 2017

Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing has a long history in UK; many historians believe almost two thousand years. Betting in horse racing too has a long history which is tied to the sport. The Romans originally started horse racing in around 200AD. James I started to race in New market area in 1605, thereby increasing its popularity in UK. Betting on horse racing …

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Plagiarism Scandals That Happened in 2016


There is no difference – famous you are or not – when you’re a plagiarist. Is it true? Students who are caught at plagiarizing usually have to deal with a bunch of different consequences: from formal warnings to expulsion of the academic institution. But what about well-known public figures and celebrities? Is there a price that need to be paid …

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22 Easy Hairstyles for Busy Women

22 Easy Hairstyles

A busy lifestyle can make it really difficult to maintain a nice hairstyle. However, this should not be an excuse to simply give in to bad hair days without even taking a look at the options that can make you forget about your bad hair days. If you have long surrendered in maintaining a gorgeous-looking hair that you can wear …

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Top 10 Economical Coupes & Compact Cars


Due to rising fuel costs and high price of living, it is of utmost importance that we try to save money from every angle and corner. In order to go from A to B, any type of car has become a necessity, but we need to look at the most economical coupes and compact cars in the UK. We have …

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Travel Guide: You first trip to Maui


With so many of the world’s top tourist destination, where to go next? No matter what kind of traveler are you—laid back or adventure seeker, Maui has definitely something in store for you. From its sunny beaches to a colder upper town, this island in Hawaii is pegged to be the world’s next top tourist destination today. Maui, Hawaii is …

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9 Steps to Become a Real Guitarist

to Become a Real Guitarist

There are many thousands of people who wonder whether they have it in them to learn a musical instrument and just as many who would love to be able to play the guitar. As a guitarist who has worked professionally as well as semi professionally for more than 40 years I have met my share of these would be musicians, …

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Travel the U.S.

travel us.jpg

Americans love to travel (and not just abroad, but also right at home within the continental U.S.). This infographic explores great travel facts and statistics regarding U.S. travel. For example, the U.S. has approximately 5,200 different airports within the nation. Do you know the best days to buy an airline ticket? Surprisingly it’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Friday and …

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Safety Within The Trucking Industry- What We Should All Consider

Truck driving safety

Learning how to drive a big rig can be a difficult task to master. For those who are just entering into trucking school, it’s important that proper training is identified and implemented in order to make successful commutes via the many routes that will be encountered. Most students entering into the commercial trucking industry will endure extensive training programs that …

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