Six Weak Excuses You’ve Been Using to Avoid Marketing


Marketing is the most important tool when it comes to building your own business. We know this takes up a lot of time and is no easy task. In today’s digital world there are so many simple and inexpensive options to market your business online. With all the social media platforms, local listing options, blogging sites, and link building opportunities …

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Why You Should Eliminate Annual Performance Reviews?


Is absence of manager feedback creating disengagement amongst your workforce? Do you want to eliminate ineffective annual performance reviews? But why… What is wrong in traditional once-in-a-year performance assessment? Well, there are multiple reasons why Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies have eliminated annual performance reviews. Unclear employee goals, absence of regular feedbacks and ignorance for employee recognition …

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8 Event Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event


When planning an event, you can NOT miss out on lighting — a really vital part for events — because it can affect the overall outcome. Event planners don’t just utilize lights to brighten up the venue, they see this as an opportunity to make the event memorable. Event lighting plays different roles: from directing your guests’ attention; to further …

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9 Types of Social Media Influencers


With the large fan bases of social media influencers, incorporating these people into your digital marketing can greatly boost your brand’s presence in social media. Through them, your brand can reach to more audience than any traditional media can do. Smart marketers know the importance of social media influencers for a successful campaign. The challenge for marketers is choosing the …

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5 Steps to an Effective Cricket Control Strategy


Crickets can be an irritating pest, especially when they are chirping in your bedroom in the middle of the night. Having an annoying sound isn’t the only problem with crickets, though. They have been known to chew on clothing, books, and paper. Bill’s Pest & Termite Control put together some information on how to help get rid of the pesky …

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How Technology Can Change the Air Cargo Industry


The Air Cargo industry has become overtly competitive as more and more cargo operators are entering the business. The only way this industry can survive and thrive is by changing its approach to digitization and by embracing the change wholeheartedly. To modernize the Air cargo industry, the entire system needs to be upgraded. Air cargo carriers must be using GPS …

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5 Basic Principles of Wing Chun


The main aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to make you have freer and more relaxed movement. This is achieved through the five principles of center-line, simplicity, facing the point of contact, economy of motion, and forward intention. You can only attain the high levels of freedom and relaxation and freedom once you are free of the dependence on …

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Data Visualization – Outlining Dangerous Roadways


As we advance into a society that is rich with data and information, our ability to inform citizens is much greater. By interpreting data and trends that are released by public sectors, such as various Department of Transportation websites, we are able to showcase unique data in visual ways. One prime example is the development of a crash map within …

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Lip Smacking Evolution Of Android


The sweet updates of the Android from the Cupcake, Honeycomb, Lollipop, and Nougat, Google’s Android versions never fail to impress with their user friendliness and great intuitiveness. If you need to understand the world’s most popular mobile operating system, from the very first Cupcake edition to the latest Nougat, then you are at the right place. Top App Creators has …

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