9 Tips on How to Choose the Best App Development Company

How to choose the app development company

Before choosing an app development partner who best meets your requirements, you must decide on the goal, budget, and platform of your app. Select a partner who develops software that has features similar to yours. Your and your potential partner’s goals for collaboration during the development process should be comparable. Therefore, be aware of the procedures to follow and the …

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What is Tokenization and How Does it Work?

What is Tokenization and How Does it Work

On average, it costs a business $4.24 million if they have a data breach. Most companies can’t afford to spend $4.24 million. Entrepreneurs and business leaders don’t have time to mess around with online security. Firewalls, employee training, and anti-virus programs all help security, but businesses can take it a step further with tokenization. Tokenization is confusing at the surface, …

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Average Cost of College Textbooks 2022

Average Cost of College Textbooks

The college textbook price is something every student is worried about and disappointed with. This unfairly high cost represents significant spending along with academic tuition and housing. Nowadays, average students can hardly afford new textbooks that hit their pockets powerfully, costing a few hundred dollars. BookScouter.com has decided to take a deeper insight into the textbook industry in general, and …

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Drugs in Sport: Statistics, Side Effects, Prevention


Competition in sports can be fierce, and some athletes resort to banned methods in order to gain an edge over competitors. Consuming performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) is perhaps the most popular way. It’s so widespread that some even offer to legalize some PEDs. AddictionResource authors explain that doping is banned for a reason. It is a threat to the athlete’s health. …

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How to Pursue a Career as an EEG Technician

electroencephalogram test

An EEG technician is responsible for conducting tests on patients to diagnose abnormalities in their brain function. They use specialized equipment to measure brain waves and electrical activity and then analyze the results to provide a diagnosis. This can be a very rewarding career for someone interested in science and medicine. If you need to pursue a career as an …

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How to Streamline Your Payroll Processing in 2023


As any business owner knows, working on the payroll is crucial but time-consuming. To ensure that employees are paid accurately, and on time, businesses must keep track of various employee information, including hours, worked, vacation days, and tax withholding. The process can further complicate overtime, bonuses, and other special payments. However, there are several ways to streamline payroll in 2023. …

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Playing Cards


Birthdays are a special time to celebrate the people we love in our lives. However, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. If you have a friend or loved one who loves playing cards, here are six great gift ideas to help make their day extra special. 1. A Custom Deck of Cards Personalized gifts are always appreciated, …

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8 Amazing Ways You Can Use Canvas Tarps


It is a versatile, multi-purpose piece of equipment that you can use to keep your belongings dry while camping or hiking. It works as a semi-permeable membrane that allows water to pass through it but keeps the wind, snow, and rain from coming in. You can use a tarp on top of your tent or shelter to protect it from …

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Pet Therapy in Addiction Treatment


Spending time with dogs, birds, rabbits, or bigger animals like horses, alpacas, and llamas can influence mental health in an extremely positive way. In fact, Animal-Assisted Therapy is part of some Substance Use Disorders programs. AAT enhances a healing process by fixing bodies, minds, and souls that have been damaged by substance abuse. Its positive results are listed in our …

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Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

It is undeniable that Google dominates the market for search engines. According to the August 2022 report, 92% of search queries were conducted using the platform. That means google top the rank of worldwide search engine market share. There is no search engine that can even come close to Google regarding worldwide market share. With a market share of 3.33%, …

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