How To Mix and Match Prints


Making your home cosier for winter? An easy way to restyle your space is to add some fresh prints and new textures. Mix-and-match prints are a huge trend this year, but it’s not always as easy to create as the home décor magazines make it look! However, by following just a few general rules and taking heed of some top …

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How We Use Leather Products Everyday


If you look in your closet right now you will have at least one leather product, a jacket, a pair of shoes, or that nice purse. We are surrounded by leather products. The leather industry is huge and each year continues to grow. Most leather is made into shoes, furniture, or garments. The rest is made into leather car seats …

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5 Creative Hacks that will Make a Cool Outdoor Corporate Event


Corporate events are the most awaited part of work-life as it is a good diversion from doing duties and tasks. As such, planning for the said event can be challenging: everyone is expectant of having a memorable experience, from the boss down to the employees. What is more, expectation is usually high whether it is a conference, a tradeshow, holiday …

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What’s the Best Length of a Video?


Businesses both large and small use video to promote their brand. Video length is an important topic when seeking how to best target your audience. Here at IdeaRocket, we often refer to two studies that video host Wistia has posted. The question that needs to be asked is: How much information does the audience need in order to achieve your …

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Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse


October is a month for spooks! When dead people become undead… who will survive? And what better time to learn about the undead than now? Zombies are in the spotlight again due to television series and films like AMC’s The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, while not forgetting Halloween of course! Although, in real life, what would a zombie …

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How To Avoid Foreclosure in Florida


Learn how with just some pretty simple steps, you can prevent foreclosure of your home and avoid other related issues such as credit repair, deed in lieu and much more. We know how difficult is when the foreclosure notice arrives at your door, but there are many options that you can explore before giving the house keys to the bank. …

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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh when Travelling


Flying is bitter-sweet for travelers. It is the start of a long and wonderful vacation, but also marks the start of your skin to look groggy and dry. Aside from jet lag that can cause your face to look tired, the condition inside airline cabin unknowingly wreaks havoc on your skin. Your skin works extra hard during flights to fight …

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11 Clever Tips for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines


In the Philippines, Christmas comes early. Usually, as soon as the ’ber’ months arrive, Christmas preparations also begin. And what could be a better way for the Filipinos to get ready than by getting their Christmas shopping done early? The atmosphere becomes more festive as soon as the Christmas season begins, especially with more stores putting their products on sale …

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The Most Useful Guide to Fragment Sentence Check


Sentence fragments are defined according to dictionaries as incomplete sentences, group of words that do not express complete thoughts Usually fragments are pieces of sentences which lost the connection with the main clause. But do you know everything about sentence structure and fragments? To enlarge your knowledge our content writers  have created this informative inforgahpic for you. Keep reading it …

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