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A designer is an individual who sketches ideas or say bring a thought into reality, it can be anything from web designing, fashion, product or a painting. Professional designers have creative mind and skills. They think out of their box to create an idea and bring it to existence.

Infographics are colourful representation of data; they are created to be easily understood by a reader. To create an Infographics, the designer should have enough curiosity and knowledge, he must have an eye for data, and he should also possess a creativity mind and measurable knowledge on graphic designing.

Key things to become a successful professional infographic Designer

  • Curiosity and Knowledge: Curiosity is the most important skill that an Infographic designer should possess. Proper researching, collecting data and putting them together in a page needs patience and analytical thinking.
  • Creative Thinking: Creating designs with data needs critical and creative thinking. One has to think of innovative and creative ways to put data in a colorful way that is readable and informative.
  • Skills in graphic designing tools: Should have good knowledge of designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw etc.

As companies and organization are innovating new technologies according to new generation’s requirements, Infographics are also gaining its popularity in graphic designing and data visualization. Many small, medium and big businesses are coming forward to showcase their services and products through graphical data or data visualization. The demand for Infographic designers and agencies are also rising. Data visualization and Infographics courses are becoming sought after courses in search engines.

If you are looking for a professional infographic designer or you want to showcase your skills and designs, Infographic portal is the right place. Infographic Portal showcases portfolios and works of designers all around the world. You can check the profiles and works of designers. Graphic designers can show their work and create network with other like-minded designers. Infographic portal aims to create a network of designers.

List of Popular Infographic Agencies and Designers


Name : JESS3

Website :

Description: An Agency specialized in data visualization.

Email :

Phone:  5712134308


Name: Fresh Mind Ideas

Website :

 Fresh Mind IdeasDescription: A complete creative branding and web design studio from India.

Email :

Call: +91 735 607 5162


Name: Premium infographics

Website :

Premium infographics

Description: An infographic design agency dedicated to create high quality infographics.

Email :

Call: +33677269942


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