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Publish your infographic for free by submitting your infographic details here.

Submitting your infographic manually is definitely good choice, doing this will increase the chances of approval rate, and also helps in preventing spam.

Infographic portal is the right website to publish your infographic for free, listing here will help your website to gain some online exposure along with good citation link. So why are waiting? Submit now, for free and promote your website, product, brand, services to increase your online web presence.

FYI: The beauty of infographics is, simple, colorful and easily understandable to the users.

Couple of ways to submit your infographic:

  1. Free Infographic submission through infographic submission form: This option is totally free, and your Infographic submission details will be manually reviewed by one of our team members. Normally it will take three to four days to review and approve your submission. All you have to do is, just directly fill all your Infographic details in the below mentioned Infographic submission form which is created from Google form by following our Infographic submission guidelines.
  2. Register as a contributor and directly publish your Infographic. This Infographic website is using wordpress cms, that gives an additional option, where anyone can register as contributor, editor, author etc. Hence we have made this option available to our Infographic submitter’s.  All you have to do is register has a contributor over here ” https://www.infographicportal.com/wp-login.php?action=register” and submit all the necessary Infographic details by following our infographic submission guidelines.  Here is a post that guides you to become a contributor and publish your Infographic “https://www.infographicportal.com/how-to-submit-infographics/“. This is a free option, and your Infographic submission details will be manually reviewed by one of our team members. This may take 2 to 3 days to review and approve your submission.
  3. Express Infographic Submission: This is a paid option. The fees will be $10 per post. All the payments are accepted only through PayPal. The submitted Infographic details will be reviewed within 24 hrs.  You can find all the Infographic submission details over here “https://www.infographicportal.com/express-infographic-submission/

Publish your infographic for free, by following these simple guidelines (Applicable for all the above mentioned three Infographic submission options).

•   Title: Should be relevant to infographic, should be informative.

•   Description or Short Summary: Should be unique (original) at least 150 words with proper informative about the infographic. Please do not submit any promotional language content. It will be rejected.

•   Original Source of Infographic – Should be exact URL (link) where the original infographic is published, these link can be used for your back links.

•   Infographic Size: Infographic size should be less than 5.Mb. The Infographic should be well optimized with less size and high resolution.

All the infographic source links will contain no-follow attribute. If you are interested in a do-follow link , Please consider reaching us through email at: ” nagendra@infographicportal.com.
Please Note: We are receiving  lot of duplicate content posts, Kindly submit only if you have original content, We will not approve your post unless you have unique(original) content. Please do not waste our valuable time.  If you have original content (Short Summary) submit here, or else Kindly go back!

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  2. Such a great and wonderful site for infographic submission. Thanks.

  3. This is the best website for infographic submission, to know in details about benefits of infograpic submission.

  4. Best, free and easy site for infographic submissions. Thanks a lot for providing us free facility.

  5. easy way to submit inforgraphics

  6. I would love if you published my infographic just in time for Christmas!

    Best Wishes And Marry Christmas 🙂

  7. I tried to submit an inforgraphics through your manual system – post on WordPress – but the Add Media option is not available, so I could not add the Infographics file (image). I re-submitted using your form. I think this is a great idea, but hope you are able to fix soon. Thanks.

    • Infographic Portal

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for sharing the issue with us. We will work on it asap.
      We will review your post and let you know the status asap.

      Infographic team

  8. Militsa Chervenkova

    I tried to submit an infographic, but it seems like there is no indication if was submitted at all.

    • Infographic Portal

      Hi Militsa,

      We hope you have used our infographic submission form which is created through google doc form. If you have submitted with filling out all the information matching to our guidelines, you would have seen a thank you message. Any how, there is one more option where you can directly register as contributor and publish infographics. Here is the link that helps you “https://www.infographicportal.com/how-to-submit-infographics/”

  9. Thanks for sharing i will use it.

  10. manilarecruitment

    thank you for publishing –

  11. Nice website i post a picture with your guidelines please confirm it….

  12. tried to submit an inforgraphics through your manual system – post on WordPress – but the Add Media option is not available

    • Infographic Portal

      Hi Jessica ,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes, we have receiving several mails regarding this issues. This is happening for only few people. We could not find the exact reason why its happening like that. We are working hard to fix it, hope everything will go well asap. For now you can send us the infographic directly to one of our mentioned email id. We are happy to review it.

  13. Would someone like to let me know how can I post an article on this website without creating an info-graphics

    • Infographic Portal


      We have a category for you general articles “https://www.infographicportal.com/category/general-articles/”

  14. Easy to use site for submitting infographics – thanks.

  15. Brilliant site! Hope you like my infographic I just submitted.

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