Is SEO Worth the Expense?

In the digital age, where the online market is saturated with various products, services, and ideas, businesses need to find ways to stand out among the competition.
Most firms that implement search engine optimization (SEO) do so to increase their online presence and meet their conversion goals. With SEO, potential customers can find what the business has to offer, especially if it appears on the top search results.
Although SEO can help companies grow and reach a wider audience, the campaign expenses often shock small business owners and newly established firms, causing them to choose low-cost marketing options instead.
However, traditional advertising methods may not yield the same conversion results that SEO can. Outbound marketing techniques may get the message delivered to a wider audience, but it is not enough to prompt them to take action.
Users who are already interested in a company’s goods or services are more likely to purchase. However, uninterested individuals usually scroll past advertisements.
Continuing with conventional marketing methods may result in lower revenues in the long run, whereas investing in search engine optimization campaigns can lead to more profits in the years to come.
An infographic from Landau Consulting is provided below for more information about whether SEO is worth the expense.
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