The Anatomy of an Effective Executive

Finding a C-Suite executive can be tough since it takes years to develop their resume. But, getting them to come to your company can be tougher because like most hires, they need the proper experience for the job, as well as a personality that fits the company culture.
Not only that, but they’re also expected to have the proper social and communication skills employees must foster to become managers, and eventually, get them on the executive track. And then, there’s their strategic and analytic outlook that could make or break your company.
Thanks to globalization and the diversification of the workforce, executive roles are becoming open to variety. The Philippines, for example, is one of the top countries that have the most women in senior management positions.
In some industries, an education rooted in business isn’t even necessary for success. It’s all about experience and relevance. That is to say that an advanced degree like an MBA isn’t useful. But, when it comes to picking C-Suite executives, you have to look at the entire package: professional experience, soft skills, education, appearance, etc.
However, these aren’t all innate characteristics that come naturally to a person. Just as executive positions take time to develop, so do the factors that make them qualified. The problem, however, is that some people aren’t given the opportunity or resources that make them fit for senior management. A study found that some women, for example, have the drive to be executives but lack the support from their company.
So, what exactly do you need to look out for when picking out candidates for a C-Suite position? The following infographic will break down the many qualities that a successful executive should have. And whether you’re looking to hire someone new or groom an employee from within, these will dictate how they will fare as part of your company’s top leaders.
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