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Employee Feedback for Managers: 7 Constructive Examples

Employee Feedback for Managers 7 Constructive Examples

Regardless of where you are on the organizational ladder, providing feedback is never an easy task— especially providing it in a way that resonates and helps. For example, it might be challenging to figure out exactly how to deliver feedback, especially if it is not positive. Figuring out how to provide feedback is where we can help. Check out different …

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The Different Types Of CV

Different Types Of CV - Quiz

It is crucial that you correctly format your CV if you want to be considered for the jobs you’re applying to. Depending on the field, there are different types of CVs, so do your research before beginning–that way, you increase your chances of success. Furthermore, the type of CV format and layout you pick might have a significant influence on …

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Do’s & Don’ts of Freelancing

Whether you are new to freelancing or a veteran with years of experience, however, there are certain do’s and don’ts of the business that everyone needs to learn at some point. Here are some tips for freelancers: Do know your value. Understand how much your services are worth compared to others in your industry of similar skill levels. Know your …

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Why Skilled Freelance is the Future

The question of whether the gig economy is just a fad is no longer relevant – it’s here, and work flexibility is now a reality for a major part of the US workforce. These days, skilled independent workers are in high demand. Skilled independent workers are estimated to have earned $234 billion in revenue in 2020 up from $299 billion …

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Guide on How to Become a Full Stack Developer

Does the idea of building complex web applications excite you? Do you find front-end technologies as amusing as back-end technologies? Do you like to dabble in the design aspect of a web application? Is multitasking your forte? If you nodded to all these questions, you probably already have your heart set on becoming a full stack developer. And, here’s a …

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Unexpected Career Tips from Celebrities [2021 Edition]

To build a career in music, TV, movies, science, IT, or other fields you do not need to be an outstandingly special person. Everyone can become a success in their field, however the path to success can be tough and full of obstacles. A racer can be disqualified, a smith may burn out, and a musician might lose their voice …

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How to Evaluate the Performance of Your Remote Workers

Having a remote work set-up is not a new concept, and it has proven to be beneficial for a lot of organizations, especially those whose employees do the majority of their work online. However, this might be the first time for those who made the shift due to the coronavirus pandemic. With not much time to prepare, the crisis forced …

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Why spend precious time creating resume?

You might have heard a lot of times about benefits of spending time on improving your resume. Here is why you should do it in easy to read visual format. To summarise, three fourth of resumes are rejected by recruiting managers or HR and around 23% get rejected by the hiring managers. This leaves you with only 2% resumes that …

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What do you require to work in the healthcare industry in Australia?

Are you planning to move your career in the healthcare industry in Australia? Then, you should know these facts about the industry and also the requirement to get a job. Healthcare sector jobs mainly comprise of but are not limited to clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers, nurses and midwives, aged and disabled carers, child carers, community support workers, frontline health …

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6 Tips for HR Professionals to Tackle Workplace Biases

A lot of uncalled behavior at work might result in unconscious bias. Bias at workplaces is still a problem that needs to be eliminated. Unconscious bias often happens when we have unconscious feelings toward other people. Feelings that cloud our judgments from making the right decisions. Precisely, one of the most frequent biases we often come across is workplace bias. …

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