Social Media

Includes latest Social Media related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet in 2015

Social Media marketing is tough because there are so many different networks to keep track of. Social networks are constantly changing the dimensions and requirements for image and text limits and it is difficult to find the right info. Social media managers working for brands and agencies complain that this is one of the biggest issues as they spend too …

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Using Pinterest To Boost Traffic

Pinterest, now with over 100 million users has become a big player in social media marketing. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities for revenue and growth? Pinterest give the the opportunity to build relationships and develop trust and enthusiasm with your audience. But you have to know who that audience is and how to target them. Use these Pin-stats …

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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth

Have you been giving equal focus to the written and visual content of your social media shares? While both play a major role in keeping your customers interested, you may want to lean slightly more toward the latter. Why? Because majority of people, more often than not, are bound to grow bored of the written word, if there Is an …

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Periodic Table of Social Media

In high school we have studied about the elements in periodic table like oxygen, zinc, helium etc. Much to our hope, it was boring.  Remembering all those names and there atomic nos and mass nos. Science was boring in high schools. But not social media, teenager’s equipped with tablets and phones know all about social media. From Facebook to whatsapp, …

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