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Condo Maintenance Tips for a Hassle-Free Living

Condo Maintenance Tips

Can’t live the best life in your condominium because you can’t stick with its home maintenance demands? You may be too busy or too tired to do some home maintenance tasks but there are ways to keep it simple. There are tasks that must be regularly done to avoid costly and tedious repair or maintenance jobs. Simple inspections, regular cleaning …

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Do You Need A Plumber Or Heating Engineer


There are 27 million homes in the UK, nearly all of them have running water, while 22 million of those homes utilise Gas for their heating supply. Running water is corrosive, and burning Gas creates dirt and soot. Both will eventually cause issues with your Plumbing or Gas supply. When you have a water or a gas issue at home, …

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WABI-SABI: A Primer On Japanese Interior Design Principles


An old Japanese idea with roots in Zen philosophy is wabi-sabi. “”Wabi”” is a Japanese word that signifies simplicity and flaws. The adage “”less is more”” is true in this situation. In contrast, “”Sabi”” alludes to accepting life and aging for what they are. They unite to establish a philosophy that encourages finding beauty in complexity, impermanence, and imperfection. It …

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The Dirty Bed Cleaning Guide


Here is a useful infographic from the mattress reviews website called NapLab that will show you how often you need to clean the different parts of your bed. Learn about how often you should clean your sheets, pillows, duvet and mattress by viewing this decent design. Infographic Source: https://naplab.com/guides/how-often-to-wash-your-bed/

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Will Solar Panels Increase The Value Of My Home?

Many Australians are joining the green revolution to reduce their environmental impact and ease reliance on fossil fuels. Because of this, the demand for solar panels in the housing market is huge. Most buyers are looking for properties with solar systems installed to reduce their future financial costs and lower their carbon footprint. The housing market is competitive, and in …

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The Top 4 Wardrobe Organisational Tips From The Experts

A wardrobe exists in almost every bedroom across the world. A place to safely store your clothes and accessories is essential to keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Unfortunately, wardrobes can quickly become cluttered, chaotic and messy, so here are some top tips from the experts to help you keep your closet organized. Decluttering your wardrobe frequently, knowing which items …

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Different Types of Security Doors: A Buying Guide

A healthy and safe working environment improves the productivity and efficiency of your enterprise, directly affecting customer satisfaction that leads to loyalty. In addition, effective and reliable security reduces insurance, compensation, debt, and other costs that your company must pay to stakeholders. This results in higher business revenue and lower operating costs. Indeed, security is essential for your business. In …

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