Includes latest home improvement related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Enhancing Home Value: The Impact of Garden Rooms

How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add To Your Home

In the  modern real estate, homeowners are continually seeking innovative ways to add value to their properties. Amidst this quest, garden rooms have emerged as an enticing prospect, offering a multifaceted solution that combines functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. But just how much value does a garden room truly add to your home? Let’s delve into this question and explore the …

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Setting Up Perfect Home Office Setup

Setting Up Perfect Home Office Setup

This infographic represents a step-by-step guide to setting up the perfect home office for increasing productivity and focus. Factors like ergonomic chairs, perfectly adjusted desk height, positioned monitors, and storage and desktop organizations are essential. Designing an ideal home office setup requires careful consideration of various factors, from ergonomic essentials to lighting and aesthetics. Creating a space that promotes productivity, …

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10 Things To Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Things to know before hiring an Interior Designer

The infographic provides tips for hiring an interior designer for the first time. It suggests researching designers and styles, browsing online galleries and portfolios, creating a shortlist of local design companies, and booking a consultation with a budget in mind. During the consultation, it’s important to ensure the designer understands your preferences and needs, discuss pricing and completion time, and …

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HVAC Equipment You Should Know to Save Money on Energy Bills

HVAC Facts

Did you know that HVAC systems are responsible for more than half of home energy costs, with hot water heaters and refrigerators accounting for most of the rest? This means that around 75% of your home’s energy usage is related to just three appliances, making it crucial to maintain and optimize your HVAC equipment to reduce your energy consumption and …

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Condo Furniture Essentials You Should Get for Your Space

Condo Furniture Essentials

The infographic, “”Condo Furniture Essentials You Should Get for Your Space””, provides an informative and visually appealing guide for individuals who want to furnish their condominium units. It presents eight essential furniture pieces that every condo dweller should consider purchasing to maximize space and create a comfortable and functional living environment. The infographic emphasizes the importance of furniture selection for …

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Condo Maintenance Tips for a Hassle-Free Living

Condo Maintenance Tips

Can’t live the best life in your condominium because you can’t stick with its home maintenance demands? You may be too busy or too tired to do some home maintenance tasks but there are ways to keep it simple. There are tasks that must be regularly done to avoid costly and tedious repair or maintenance jobs. Simple inspections, regular cleaning …

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Do You Need A Plumber Or Heating Engineer


There are 27 million homes in the UK, nearly all of them have running water, while 22 million of those homes utilise Gas for their heating supply. Running water is corrosive, and burning Gas creates dirt and soot. Both will eventually cause issues with your Plumbing or Gas supply. When you have a water or a gas issue at home, …

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WABI-SABI: A Primer On Japanese Interior Design Principles


An old Japanese idea with roots in Zen philosophy is wabi-sabi. “”Wabi”” is a Japanese word that signifies simplicity and flaws. The adage “”less is more”” is true in this situation. In contrast, “”Sabi”” alludes to accepting life and aging for what they are. They unite to establish a philosophy that encourages finding beauty in complexity, impermanence, and imperfection. It …

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