COVID-19 infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

What is Workplace COVID-19 Testing?

The government is the father of the motherland. In summary, it has many sectors; the committee is the one that implements laws, ordinance and finds various options to solve the realm’s dilemma in the economy for the country’s peacefulness. The absence of their maintenance in decree and order will lead their home into destruction. That is why it is significant …

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Things You didn’t Know about the COVID-19 Mutation

With a 2 million COVID death count as of early 2021, there are still some things we don’t know about the coronavirus. One of these is the continuous change in its genetic code. As time pass, bacteria have a unique way of reproducing themselves, but mutation can happen anytime. When the same microorganism produces an erroneous copy of itself, it …

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COVID-19 Loneliness Survey: How Social Distancing And Shelter-In-Place During COVID-19 Affected Feelings Of Loneliness

Women’s Health Interactive conducted an exclusive and anonymous survey of 1,043 people exploring to what extent being isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic had on feelings of loneliness. We measured loneliness before and during social distancing/shelter-in-place orders and broke that data down by gender, generation, and living arrangements. We additionally gathered data on how remote contact alleviated (or didn’t alleviate) loneliness …

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Corona Response and Mobile Archiving Best Practices for Working from Home

The spread of COVID-19 led to a worldwide pandemic that changed almost every aspect of modern living. In order to halt the rising number of the infected, many countries implemented strict quarantine rules that gravely affected the global economy. Limiting social interactions forced a lot of companies to close, and those that are fortunate enough to carry on with their …

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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Store For The Covid-19 Pandemic

Many companies are now struggling with how to keep the business running due to COVID-19. In addition to that, business owners also have to think about keeping employees safe. Optimizing your eCommerce store is your best bet to ensure you’re able to meet all your customers’ needs at this unprecedented time. But for you to optimize your online store properly, …

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