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Average Book Word Count


Authors, especially new ones, struggle with how many words to write. There are two rules to follow. The first is to keep close to industry standards if you want to attract a publisher. The second rule is that there are no rules. These days, with so many publishing options, you don’t need to follow industry norms. You can write the …

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Average Cost of College Textbooks 2022

Average Cost of College Textbooks

The college textbook price is something every student is worried about and disappointed with. This unfairly high cost represents significant spending along with academic tuition and housing. Nowadays, average students can hardly afford new textbooks that hit their pockets powerfully, costing a few hundred dollars. has decided to take a deeper insight into the textbook industry in general, and …

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How Education is Evolving in the Digital Age

One human trait is our ability to learn and our constant need to discover new things for survival. We started with cave paintings and discovered fire and building materials. Today, we consume a tremendous amount of information in a single sitting and can absorb and retain it just by looking at a screen. How amazing is that? As our learning …

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How to Make a Nature Scrapbook With Your Kids

Scrapbooking has been an activity that’s captivated generations of children. What better time to get arts and crafty with your kids than during lockdown? Whilst the world moves slightly slower than normal, it’s the perfect time to keep your child entertained and educated about the great outdoors by creating a nature scrapbook. Trunki wants every family to get out their …

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Using and Revising Passive Voice Professionally

Some people think writing sentences in passive voice is absolutely incorrect. Others believe that content pieces written in passive voice are absolutely confusing and that only an active voice can make your paper sound perfectly. On the infographic you may see all these and other myths about passive voice usage debunked! Find out when is the right time to use …

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Ways of Enjoying Study Process

Studying is an essential part of our life regardless of how old we are. However, studying can be tough. Love it or hate it, we have to study to achieve what we want in life. Often, students get bored or distracted, because prolonged concentration is a complex task for our brain. Our brains prefer easier tasks, like watching TV shows …

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Living on-Campus vs Living off-Campus

So, you are going to leave your parent’s house and start an independent college life? If so, you will have to make a lot of preparations and decide where will you live for the next few years. Some institutions require freshmen to live on campus, while others allow choosing the accommodation off-campus. Both options can significantly impact your college experience. …

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Language in numbers

It is not an easy task to determine the most spoken languages in the world. Why? Even though you probably assume that you will see English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic in the top ten, there are several issues to consider when ranking top languages: Native vs. non- native speakers. Some researchers believe that spoken languages should be ranked only by …

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Twenty Ways That Handwriting Benefits You and Your Studies

Writing by hand has always been an integral part of our culture. However, during the last few decades, the development of technologies and word-processing software have almost eliminated handwriting from our lives. Now, we type messages instead of writing long letters to our loved ones, and we even make shopping lists using mobile and desktop apps. Technology has made our …

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The Online Classroom: 17 eLearning Statistics You Should Know

Technology is developing at an extremely rapid rate. Now that we are living in a digital age, anyone with a stable connection to the internet can easily gain access to information and communicate with anyone at their own convenience. Thanks to the arrival of instant messaging platforms, video-conferencing software, and other relevant programs, teachers and students can now engage beyond …

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