Pet Animals

Includes latest Pet Animals related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Giant Panda Fun Facts


This infographic aims to explore different fun facts of the super cute giant panda. It illustrates 5 fun facts that most people who love pandas will find interesting – for example, their eating habits and symbolism in ancient China. We handpicked these 5 fun facts from tons of panda bear facts on our website because we’re pretty sure that you …

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40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

You may not think of dogs as babysitters for your children but the evidence proves that they are the best babysitters of all animals. Dogs will do whatever it takes to keep your baby safe, make it giggle, teach it to crawl, give piggyback rides, follow your baby around and do random health checks on your baby. No other animal …

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Top 12 Dogs With The Strongest Bite

Female or male, little or big, old or young, every dog can bite. Including the nicest pet can bite if triggered.Roughly four and a half million individuals are bitten by canines in the USA alone each year, as well as one-fifth of them, turn out requiring medical treatment because of their injuries. Regardless of how solid your relationship with your …

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Four Life Stages in the Life of a Cat and Dog

Cats and Dogs both go through different stages of life. There are certain characteristics and things to look for in each phase that pet owners should be aware of. In order to keep a pet happy and healthy, you should pay attention to an animal’s behavior, appetite, and symptoms. Serious health conditions and chronic illnesses such as Arthritis, Vomiting, Hypothyroidism, …

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What Dog Breed Matches Your MBTI Personality?

Every dog is unique just as every human is! But the fun lies in discovering the similarities that are there beyond the fur and the species, of course! So our pet-crazy team started a fun project that resulted in this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for dogs! This infographic is just a fun way to see what characteristics certain breeds may have …

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Cat Training Tips (for Real and Not Quite)

Any cat cab be a star performer with the right encouragement. It has always been like that in spite of the common misconception that cats cannot be trained. That happened for several reasons. We all know that cats were almost equal to Gos in some ancient cultures. Who would dare to train a God?.. That’s right! And later on it …

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How People Transport Pets Abroad

Statistics clearly show the following trends in transport: Poles outsource the transportation of animals to those European Union countries which are the most popular trends of emigration. The most popular destinations are the Western countries: the United Kingdom (63%), Ireland (12%), Germany (7%). In recent years, there appeared Spain (3%), the Netherlands (3%), France (2%), Norway (2%) and Italy (2%). …

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Who loves dogs the most?

We all love dogs right? But who loves them the most? Derived from superb data research and utilising fun, beautiful and informative graphics this Infographic shows that Americans love their dogs more than any other nation on earth. There are more dogs in America than anywhere else, more dogs per person than anywhere else, and even more dogs than there …

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