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5 Challenges a PMU Marketing Agency Can Solve


After building your business, improving your techniques, and keeping up with the trend, you might notice that there is still only a trickle of clients booking their appointments. Truth is everything you did is still not enough because you need to build your client list. How? Hire a marketing partner. With them around, you don’t have to spend hours trying …

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8 of the Most Effective Marketing Channels For Businesses


Thanks to the latest technological advancements, brand-to-consumer interactions have evolved tremendously. Unlike a few decades ago when businesses were limited to traditional advertising, companies today can connect with their audience through different means. Now that the world is rapidly shifting to the online sphere, every company must have a digital marketing strategy. With several options to choose from, it’s no …

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B2B Ecommerce Trends & Statistics

B2B Ecommerce Trends and Statistics

The advancement of technology has made consumers more intelligent and more insightful about their needs. Consumers are now demanding a better shopping experience from B2B eCommerce businesses. It has pushed merchants and business owners to transform their existing brands digitally. It means the integration of new extensions, plugins, payment gateways, and so on. One massive trend that every B2B business …

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8 Great Ways to Personalize Your Customer Service

Ways to Personalize Your Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of any business. Excellent customer service leads to satisfied customers, while disorganized, unpleasant customer service can drive customers away. Compared to face-to-face interaction, it can be challenging to display the appropriate levels of concern to customers. People cannot simply smile or be polite online. Things like constructing the right message on the appropriate channel …

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7 Cold Calling Strategies You Should Know About


Cold calling can be a daunting task. It’s the process of contacting someone you don’t know and trying to sell them something. It can be hard to get people on the phone, and even harder to convince them to buy what you’re selling. However, with the right approach, cold calling can be a very effective way to generate leads and …

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Search Engine Marketing Trends 2021 – Mid-Year Report

Search engine marketing or SEM has grown significantly in recent years. This expansion is rooted in the changes in consumer behavior and technological evolution. The proliferation of mobile devices and the accessibility of the internet have made digital services possible. People now have the option to purchase or transact online if they cannot make branch visits. As a result, consumers …

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How to Sell by Not Selling

Sell without selling. Really. This is content marketing in its purest form: don’t sell anything, but you can help your client to sell their product or service. That’s because content marketing is about engaging your target audience with interesting, relevant stories that serve a purpose for them in their day-to-day lives. It’s about creating value for your client, then getting …

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What Shouldn’t You Do In Mobile Email Marketing?

Mobile email marketing is the need of hour. Many marketers have already implemented strategy of optimizing their emails for this device. But still, they commit errors that reduce their chances of connecting with customers. As a marketer, you should be extra careful and have a complete list of don’ts. It should be precise so that you can check each DON’T …

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How To Grow Your Business With Influencer Marketing?

Real impact comes from real people; this is why influencer marketing is a hit! Influencer marketing is nothing but placing trust in a brand/ product based on the influence of influential persons. Influencers are more relatable than TV celebrities because they can create an impact through regular interactions in the various aspect of social media portal options; this includes interacting …

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Leads For Insurance In 2021: How To Generate Dramatically Better Leads

Insurance agents are always on a journey to acquire and convert high-intent prospects. Failure to step up their game in lead generation can result in losing clients to their competitors. Lead generation is a strategy for insurance agents to find potential leads, attract them, and successfully turn them into clients. There are unlimited ways of generating leads for insurance. But …

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