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Don’t Sacrifice Quality – Invest in Custom Amish Furniture

Purchasing low quality furniture is akin to throwing money in the trash. The long-term costs of cheap furniture outweigh the short-term benefits those pieces may provide you. While inexpensive furniture may be a lower upfront investment, it ends up costing more in the long run due to repair or replacement costs. The average replacement cost of an inexpensive sofa will …

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The Beauty and History of Amish Furniture

Although technology and marketing may have changed, Amish furniture makers continue to adhere to their traditional values such as craftsmanship and simplicity to create timeless pieces for the family to enjoy for several generations. Amish woodworkers use an estimated 44 million board feet of hardwood lumber every year. Whether it’s the Shaker, Mission or Transitional style, Amish furniture is always …

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