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5 New Practices to Help You Monitor Your Asthma as an Adult


A chronic respiratory disease that impacts millions of individuals worldwide is asthma. Asthma may occur in adults as well as in children. However, it is more frequently diagnosed in youngsters. To maintain excellent respiratory health as an adult, it is crucial to check your asthma frequently. These are five innovative  new practices  to monitor a0sthma  to help you efficiently manage …

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Know Your Asthma Symptoms!

According to the CDC, 8.6% of children in the U.S. (6.3 million) suffer from asthma. Emergency room visits from young children suffering an asthma attack can make up to one fifth of all the visits. This infographic will help others to understand what is going on inside the body during an asthma attack, and how this looks as a symptom at different …

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