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Tips on Home Exterior Painting

Ensuring that your home’s exterior is painted as best as possible is crucial to maintaining its value and aesthetics. Although the task may seem tedious and exhausting, the rewards that you can get from a quality exterior paint job can go a long way. With just a minimum investment in tools and materials, you will not only be able to …

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Painting and Color Psychology

Most people feel that red is the color of passion. Purple has a reputation for being regal and green evokes feelings of being earth friendly and serene. Color is a powerful motivating factor in when it comes to setting the mood; in the media, on packaging, and even in your home. If color has the ability to influence feelings, when …

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The 10 Most Expensive Painting Sales Post World War 2

Throughout the history of art, visual arts and painting in particular have always had impressively high valuations and frequently sold for millions of dollars. In the following infographic, we’re compiled a quick showcase of the current records held for painting trades. You’ll find out and learn more about the 10 most expensive painting sales post-WW2, which is around the time …

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