Includes latest marketing related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

6 ways to get your logo

If you have already decided which logo is required for your company, it is necessary to find its creator. Perhaps, you have always dreamed to create a unique masterpiece, and hoped that deep inside you are an outstanding artist. But, perhaps, if you want to create a logo for the company,it  is better not to engage in experiments. To create …

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LinkedIn – build your professional network

LinkedIn offers so many opportunities, most of them entire free, that it would be true shame to miss out on all it has to offer the professional community. Take a look at our infographic, read the guide, and learn what you can do today to get your LinkedIn profile out there for all the people in your industry to see! …

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How to use pinterest to increase web traffic to e-commerce website?

E-commerce is becoming the heart of any business which when twisted can increase or decrease the money flow. Do you know Pinterest can play wonder for ecommerce website traffic improvement? If you want to increase the traffic then E-commerce websites posting on pinterest work as jelly over peanut. Selling what your audience desired is aptly the definition of E-commerce business. …

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Top 5 Promotional Products Trends for 2014

When it comes to bringing your brand closer to the public, the internet has been the most dominant factor for quite some time. It seems like nailing that hashtag or retweeting a popular tweet is all it takes to make or break your company’s image, and frankly, it’s true. However, digital marketing isn’t everything and it would be unwise to …

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