Top 5 Promotional Products Trends for 2014

When it comes to bringing your brand closer to the public, the internet has been the most dominant factor for quite some time. It seems like nailing that hashtag or retweeting a popular tweet is all it takes to make or break your company’s image, and frankly, it’s true. However, digital marketing isn’t everything and it would be unwise to disregard the use of physical space and “In Real Life” ways to promote your brand or product.

Top 5 Promotional Products Trends for 2014
Tote Bags

When you think of it, tote bags are essentially small billboards displaying companies’ logos and messages at almost no cost, and it is due to this fact that they have never ceased to be a popular marketing tool for virtually any shop out there. What makes them appear on this list, however, is the fact that companies have finally started experimenting with the available space by not mindlessly printing their logo on it, but rather including eye-catching art or messages. On top of that, you can order some made out of recycled matter, which should even further contribute to your image.

iPhone Cases

If you want your brand to be carried around, targeting the iPhone user base will most likely result in success, as long as you do it right. Instead of providing your clients with junk they have absolutely no use for, give them something they really need: an iPhone case. When it comes to design, the case should be a clear representation of your brand identity while also appealing to the eye.

Custom Water Bottles

Marketing on food items is another old strategy that has been used for a long time. Nowadays, it is custom labeled water bottles that are becoming very popular in virtually every niche market. Large corporations use them during meetings and small brands hand them out on the streets. They have grown in popularity due to the fact that water is obviously enjoyed by a far larger group than any other beverage or food. By creating your personal water bottle, you not only reach out to your clients, but also give them something healthy.

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  1. I liked that you pointed out that promotional polo shirts could be a good thing to try. It is cool that doing something like that could increase your brand’s awareness. It seems like if the shirt is nice looking then it would be even more helpful. If I had a nice shirt I would wear it even if it has a logo on it.

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