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10 Greatest Speculative Bubbles in History

It seems that people always wanted to make easy money on speculative stocks. This procedure is shown throughout history many times. Ten times to be specific. It happened in the different time of period through the 21th century. Firstly, some goods or services seem to be a great investment for those, who wanted to make easy money. They tried to …

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The 10 Most Expensive Painting Sales Post World War 2

Throughout the history of art, visual arts and painting in particular have always had impressively high valuations and frequently sold for millions of dollars. In the following infographic, we’re compiled a quick showcase of the current records held for painting trades. You’ll find out and learn more about the 10 most expensive painting sales post-WW2, which is around the time …

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Top 10 Largest Stadiums in the World

From India to The United States, there millions of places where people congregate to have fun or watch events. However, there are a few where huge amounts of people gather. The infographic focuses on the top ten largest stadiums in the world where people congregate to either watch sports, see a concert, or any other activity. Some of these stadiums …

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