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Getting The Most From Your Candidate Interviews

Get the most from your candidate interview with these 5 questions that will help you choose the right person for the job. The interview process is quite important in understanding and knowing the candidate better. Although there are no right and wrong answers to the questions provided on the infographic, you will have a grasp of what their strengths and …

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Modern Interview Fashion Guide for Women

Interviews these days can be tricky. Hard copy resumes are still common and expected to be present during an interview, but digital copies are on the rise. Interactive interviews are also coming into play as opposed to sitting one on one across a conference table. With all of these changes, how are we supposed to dress, style our hair, and …

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Job interview do’s and dont’s

Most of job seekers dont pay their attention on how they should act during job interview. It’s really important to follow some basic rules to impress hiring manager. That’s why we decided to create an unique infographic with some to do’s and dont’s. It’s a kind of manual for just graduated student or for those who was not interviewed for …

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