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Africa’s Top 5 Largest Ports

Any country may have enough opportunities to develop their cargo business by their efficient relations and good foreign policies with other countries. Africa contains more than 6 percent of the total surface of the earth and up to 70 percent states in continent of Africa are directly connected to the sea, which is way they hold more than 6 percent …

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10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game

China is at the forefront of seaport business race and has half of the top 10 ports. Singapore port and South Korean ports are also in the top 10. Europe has only one port on the list of top ten and it is from Netherlands. There is not even a single port from rest of the world’s economic leaders e.g. …

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The Top 9 Ports of the UK

United Kingdom is one kind of the best advancing country of the globe as well as being probably the most widely known business enterprise hubs. That’s exactly why people accept awareness to make a visit to UK for development. Nevertheless, to become citizens of a few other country like Africa, additionally they familiar with post completely different products by way …

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