10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game

China is at the forefront of seaport business race and has half of the top 10 ports. Singapore port and South Korean ports are also in the top 10. Europe has only one port on the list of top ten and it is from Netherlands. There is not even a single port from rest of the world’s economic leaders e.g. the UK, the USA, or Australia. Shipping ports are still playing the vital role in the transportation mean of world’s oldest source of cargo shipping and are the ultimate destinations for the ships to deliver cargo. These countries along with Indian continent are ruling the sea cargo sector. They possess world’s largest and busiest ports and the majority of the biggest and the busiest sea ports in the Chinese neighborhood and only one port which ranks in the list of busiest ports is from Europe. China is leading the world in cargo transportation by discovering new technology and also making progress in the other fields of the life.
10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World
Infographic Source: http://www.astarcargo.co.uk/blog/10-busiest-sea-ports-world-china-leads-game/

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