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Understanding the Stages of Your Sales Funnel

Sales and marketing teams, through the help of technology, has become more empowered to create more meaningful relationships with potential and existing customers. Paying attention to your sales funnel can improve marketing performance because it provides an ideal process for a customer’s life cycle. It guides the marketing team on the steps needed to improve a prospect’s experience—from considering the …

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5 Stages of a Night Out in Heels

We all know there is no beauty without enduring a little bit of pain somewhere along the way but wearing sky-high heels on boisterous night out just takes it to a whole nother level! It’s almost like they were designed to torture your feet and bring an end to your fashion prowess! Style fruits has broken down one these nights …

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Stages of Mesothelioma

This infographic details the various stages of mesothelioma, which begins with exposure to small particles of asbestos, which cling to the respiratory system and are almost impossible for the body to expel. The infographic also explains the main form of mesothelioma, and the symptoms that go hand in hand with a diagnosis, which include: shortness of breath, chest pain, lower …

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