Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

It is undeniable that Google dominates the market for search engines. According to the August 2022 report, 92% of search queries were conducted using the platform. That means google top the rank of worldwide search engine market share. There is no search engine that can even come close to Google regarding worldwide market share. With a market share of 3.33%, Bing is the second-largest search engine from Microsoft. Compared to Google, this is quite a bit less. The next company on the list is Yahoo.

The popularity of Yahoo has declined over the past few years, despite its previous popularity. And currently, the market share of Yahoo is 1.34%. Russia’s search engine Yandex has 0.97%. Baidu is one of the largest search engines in China. When it comes to worldwide market share, it has scored 0.84% and gained 5th position.

Duck Duck Go wraps up the list with a market share of 0.71%, close to Baidu. And if we consider the others of each engine, the market share will be only 0.81%. When you add up the search engine market share accepting Google, it will be 8%. That’s not even a tenth of Google’s market share.

Search Engine Market Share Worldwide

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